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Dianabol - The Probable Side Effects, Dosage Instructions and Other Necessary Information

Dianabol as a product became available in the market from 1960 onwards. It was an instant hit with athletes, who wanted a supplement, which could boost strength and show immense muscle gain. This steroid met all their expectations. Still, it should be used carefully and administered in proper doses.

For people, who have a medical condition such as blood pressure this steroid should be avoided as it could raise the pressure levels. Similarly, people who plan to shed extra pounds should use this product with caution, as its water retentive properties could promote weight gain.

It causes conversion of the testosterone hormone to estrogen. Increased estrogen levels in the body are responsible for male breasts. If doses are extremely high, it could cause liver problems due to the buildup of toxic substances in the liver.

It should not be taken by women especially those in showbiz, as it could cause virility, which results in the development of a hoarse voice and other secondary male characteristics.

In addition to the above: 
  • It could trigger male pattern baldness.
  • Extreme anger and aggression
  • Low level of testosterone production
To avoid all the so-called ‘side effects’ one just need to consume this product in measured quantities. Don’t consume excess of these pills just because you are impatient for results. For beginners it is recommended that a mild dose of 25mg Dianabol is more than enough. In fact, they can go even lower than this and allow their body to adjust to this new drug.

For experienced users the dosages can be higher, but it should not be more than 50-70mg, as it could result in toxicity.

A tip for users:
  • If you are under any medication, finish the medication before starting a steroid cycle.
  • Avoid extreme dosages.
  • Stack it with other anabolic like deca and testosterone.
  • You could also use an anti-estrogen to lower estrogen levels in your body.
  • Slog out in the gym.
  • Eat a proper diet rich in nutrients, but cut out the non-essential sugar and carbs.
Due to its short half-life, users prefer to break the dosage into several times a day. Still there are others, who prefer taking the recommended dose just once in a day, most probably before a workout.

For people, who do not prefer capsules and pills, Dianabol in syrup form is the perfect option. However, it is extremely bitter so don’t forget to keep a glass of water at hand.

If you wish to use this product in order to benefit from it, you should visit the website of the service provider to learn about the effects of Dianabol and the steps that should be taken to tackle such a situation if it does arise.

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