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Dianabol 10mg Capsules - The Most Trusted Brand Name In the Market for Steroids

Dianabol was invented in the lab by Dr Bob Ziegler, who wanted to find a way to beat the Soviets, who were showing amazing results in Olympic Games after taking large volumes of injected testosterone. This steroid was created in 1952 and was formally made available in the market in 1960.

Can be used by all:

Now when this product hit the stores it was all the rage. It possessed both anabolic and androgenic properties. It was an answer to the prayer of thousands of athletes, who were looking for a food substitute, which would add on to their workout resulting in huge muscle gain.

Other than professional sportsmen, this product can be used by just about anyone, who is interested in bodybuilding.
How this product works?

The protein that we consume day after day doesn’t get converted into muscles in our body. It does overtime, but the results are extremely slow and the outcome isn’t all that amazing. Dianabol, whose effect is stronger than the human hormone increases nitrogen retention by the body resulting in a better protein synthesis.

It is for this very reason that you can feel the difference in your body in just three days. Now, the watchword here in ‘feel’, for any visible difference to your outward appearance, you would need to consume it for weeks in order to ‘pop the buttons’ on your shirt. 
Works well in combination:

Now a question that is often asked is whether this steroid is good enough to work alone without including any additional supplementation. The answer is yes, it is potent enough. However, athletes prefer to combine it with deca and testosterone for better results.

Stacking it up with other steroids, works in favor of individuals, as different steroids serve different purposes. Some may produce immense gains, other strength, while still other steroids could boost endurance. So, athletes who prefer boosting their overall performance, prefer stacking it up.

Works well enough alone:

However, if your aim is simply muscle gain, pure, kickass, hardcore muscle, this product is just for you. It has worked for top professionals in the wrestling business, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

Therefore, if this steroid is consumed alone, make sure to consume 500 x 10mg of Danabol DS ‘’Blue Hearts” tablet for a period of 12 weeks. Be sure to discontinue the cycle after this period to give your body time to rest and recuperate.

Do not take this steroid continuously for a year, as bouts of acne, hair loss, increased growth of hair on chest and arms, oily skin and insomnia are all common side effects of overusing this anabolic.

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